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We aim at empowering entrepreneurs to foster the prosperity of their business while contributing to social and environmental challenges


Our mission

We are all about one thing: engage entrepreneurs into a working path during which we can discuss how sustainability can positively affect the growth of their business and discover which role they want to play in current societal challenges.

Our approach

For us sustainability is not a burden, but could mean an opportunity to meet customers’ needs, to match investors expectations and to give social value to business.

In order to support entrepreneurs in the integration of sustainability into their business model, MOVOS developed a customized methodology

This approach aims at: 

  • building awareness on latest sustainability trends and understand the current and potential social impact of the business
  • defining a vision towards sustainability 
  • Identifying the best solutions and actions to achieve social and environmental objectives

How it works

First of all we listen to entrepreneurs' needs, then we tailor our approach and engage them into a session of workshops. At the end of the session, entrepreneurs will get:


A context analysis and a tailored Sustainability Business Model Canvas


The definition of a sustainable vision and of the main social impact areas of the startup


The list of on-field sustainable actions and opportunities that can be pursued


A tailored presentation on the social impact of the startup for investors, consumers and interested stakeholders

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