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MOVOS has the objective of empowering entrepreneurs to foster the prosperity of their business while contributing to social and environmental challenges

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Composed by committed professionals with solid work expertise both in the sustainability and in the business sector. Many of them have gained first-hand experience in entrepreneurship.

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The idea behind

Why talking about sustainability to entrepreneurs?

Our idea is based on the consideration that “it should be easier to ‘infect’ founders of new businesses with the idea of sustainability than to rebuild the established corporate cultures of existing companies. Thus, the focus should not only be on the few eco-entrepreneurs who convert their ideas of sustainable enterprises from the very first moment they think about building up their own businesses but also on start-ups by entrepreneurs just planning to create a conventional new venture who also need to become aware of the opportunities that more sustainable business practices have to offer.”(1)
Many start-up entrepreneurs are not fully aware of the potential market opportunities that might exist for sustainability-oriented businesses. Therefore, “it is necessary to draw their attention to successful best-practice examples in their respective industries. The willingness to follow successful examples might be more promising with start-ups than with established business enterprises.”(1)
MOVOS methodology can help the entrepreneurs to better understand the context in which they operate and see the enterprise under a new lens. This can make their business more flexible to changing needs and contexts and make them conscious of their potentials. Sustainability can become part of the enterprise culture.

What are the benefits?

  •        Financing: Financing opportunities for innovative SMEs and startups are increasingly focused on sustainability and social impact.
  •        Compliance: Legislator is increasing its pressure on companies with regard to social and environmental compliance
  •        Consumers: 66% of consumers answering to Nielsem questionnaire are willing to pay more for sustainable good (2)
  •        Employees: Purpose is the third most important employee engagement driver (3) and 53% of employees considers the opportunity of leaving their job if the enterprise value and not in line with theirs (4)
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